Transformations — A Dream

A graphite line drawing of a masked woman squatting hunched with feathers growing from her arms, her hands and feet tipped in birds' claws.
“Transforming” — C.Birde, 3/22

I, a white-masked cipher curled

above the rusted pump within

old wisteria’s protective weave

& tangle,

I, a shadow leaning out beyond

the curtain of dry shadows’ twist

(feel the subtle separating prick

of pinfeathers’ growth forming

& transforming)

My bent neck lengthening from

hoary vines’ obscuring traceries

to better see beyond the mask’s

silk-ribbon-tassled boundaries

through soft-tumbled dark,

Two girls rapidly approaching,

two pairs of eyes wide-open

in faces upward tilting, &

two pairs of small hands lifting,

cupped & empty,

(to be filled? or hopeful offering?)

I, stretching further from wisteria

above the pump’s fixed drip drip

dripping to peer, beak-mouthed,

at splayed moth-pink palms

My auriculars hearing the voice

that scolds & calls from whence

the two girls emanated

My own clear-sighted eyes blinking,

behind the white mask seeing

their reluctant turning,

small hands falling slack against

their sides like dimmed clusters


My cipher-self retreating to roost

concealed from undesired view

in wisteria’s curtaining tangle,

as the Scold approaches,

Folding new-feathered wing-arms

long against ribs & hips


Reaching keen, claw-taloned tips

back toward the coverts of upper-

& undertails,

toward stub-tailfeathers’ oh-so-slow

inevitable forming

I, receding back into embracing

shadow & vines’ hushed rustling

while the abandoned pump drip

drip drips in trickle diminished,

yet always, ever flowing.

— C.Birde, 3/22

5 thoughts on “Transformations — A Dream

  1. Did I just walk in on two Trekkie brainiacs? If so, I am Jeopardy’s fool, in the red, outmatched and out of gas. Depleted. Maybe too much brainy-ness for me.

    From the initial drawing, I thought you were a water nymph, something like a kappa without the water dish on your scalp. I thought the curling vine/plant was some sort of amphibious grass I’ve seen in various anime, some sort of healing/hydrating herb/moss. A bird of some sort? I’m not familiar with the name you mentioned.

    So…two daughters or neighbor’s kids appear in search of something but turn away when you disturb them with your changing appearance. Perhaps, you are both the child and the stranger who is changing; you are reflecting on the simplicity and naive nature of youth and then puzzling over changes your body is undergoing from aging. I suppose “crow’s feet” might spark these notions of becoming bird-like; your sub-conscious mind’s own sense of humor presenting itself.

    But, knowing you as little as I do, you’re sure to say I’m completely wrong, once more aligning yourself with my mother’s defiant, disassociating mentality. 😛


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