Visit — A Dream

An altered photo of my dear friend.
“L” — C.Birde, 4/21

So grateful

for your visit,

so many months

since your last.

A full year since…

Over a year…

Seeing you at all –

as you were,

as always you will be

in memory –

is Gift enough.

Even if

you don’t speak,

don’t see me,

don’t stay.


all the


— C.Birde, 4/21

Cassia-Purrah — A Poem

A plump calico cat lying in a patch of sunlight.
“Cassia-Purrah” — C.Birde, 3/21

Do not mistake her soft tone

for genteel invitation;

cruel evidence I have seen

of small, misguided rodents

swallowed whole.

And you, sweet-feathered one,

preening beyond glass barrier,

would be no rare exception.

Disbelieve her call.

Within warm wash of light,

she lies always attentive –

eyes slit, ears a’twitch,

hostilities belied by tail’s flick,

by rumble, croon, and mew.

Believe me when I warn –

concealed in her tri-color coat

of fur she holds cruel daggers

to swipe and catch and eat you.

— C.Birde, 3/21

Crocus Heart — A Poem

Photo of a woman's shadow cast upon a bed of autumn leaves and new spring growth, with a purple crocus blooming where the shadow's heart would be.
“Crocus Heart” — C.Birde, 3/21

Crocus heart,


with the pulse

of Spring’s



Never cease

to beat

in this constricted

frame of thought

& sinew –


Always remain.

Forever wash

my gaze

in your vernal,

violet hue.

— C.Birde, 3/21

Assignment, Cake — A Dream

At atmospheric photo of leafless trees at night crowding around a pool of yellow light.
“Atmosphere” — C.Birde, 3/21

Sent out

away from this

bright impersonal


with all its

glittering crosstalk

& hectic motion…

Cast out…

into umbrous night

& with an errand tasked:

return with cake


heaved & crack’d & bound

around in encroaching,

tangled trees that bow

& rub together limbs

all but leafless…


at the farthest end –

near swallowed up

in starless scrub –

a structure

O, architectural wonder!

Entirely comprised

of swoops

     & swirls

          & curves

of hammered metal

sheets symmetrically

arranged to either side

of a single, central



above this fabulous

entry’s lintel –

nested amidst curls &

intersecting twines

of metal –

an enormous lemon,

all aglow in halo

of soft yellow



the only light to move

or chase throughout

the whole benighted




anywhere at all,

a single frosted piece

of cake

in sight.

— C.Birde, 3/21