Earth Song — A Poem

“Tourne Pool” — C.Birde, 12/20

Walk the bones

of earth exposed,

those fissures, roots

and stones –

and weep

for the beauty of it all

Our fleeting moment

in it

Our sparking union

with it,

to it

We are one

Large and small

Singular and all

Wild meadow grasses

Stream and river and

and seas’ foaming


Forests, mountains, plains,

and deserts


in a garment of light –

sun and moon and star

And remember –

All we see is all

We ever are

Walk the bones

— C.Birde, 12/20

Cast Off — A Poem

The dried husk of a Japanese Lantern flower.
“Japanese Lanterns” — C.Birde, 11/20

Let go.

Cast off all

that no longer serves

but once served well

and now confines,

constrains the growth

of beating heart,

of wing and song.


Exceed those strictures;

self-defined exuviae

at last outgrown.


restrictive shackles and,

through the atmosphere,

a s c e n d.

— C.Birde, 11/20

Hallowed Hollow — A Poem

A tree trunk whose base is hollowed out. Autumn leaves have fallen about its roots.
“Hollow” — C.Birde, 10/20

These words, I whispered into the open door

of the hallowed, hollow tree:

Open my eyes.

Sweeten my speech.

Soften my heart.

Gentle my hands.

Broaden my mind.

Strengthen my will.

Deepen my soul.

Remove my fear,

that I might better hear

your reply echo

throughout the elements


And by “my”, I mean “our”;

and by “I”, I mean “we”.

— C.Birde, 10/20

The Lost — A Poem

“Northern Flicker” — C.Birde, 7/20

Things I have lost,

in no particular order:

books & keys & histories;

my halo,

my high horse,

the chip on my shoulder;

pets & friends;

a father, a sister;

my heart,

my head,

my way,

my youth;

sense of self;

an unobstructed view;

faith & trust & confidence;

my grip,

my patience,

my tolerance;

all my defenses &

sense of direction;

I’ve lost count,

lost track,

lost face;

my perspective,

my chances,

my edge.

But of all the things here —

accounted for & overlooked,

irreplaceable or inherent —

I have never lost

your Love,

nor my love

for you.

— C.Birde, 7/20

Pinked — A Dream

“Pinked” — C.Birde, 6/20

Swept overhead,

in upward arch,

trunk and limbs

of dappled light


over milky sky.

Each reaching,

forking twig tip

a cascade of blooms

daintily evoking



pink campions and


Backward bend

and upward gaze

at unfettered,


view –

an atmosphere

entirely awash

and in the pink;

in sweet dream

of romantic love;

in beauty and

hopeful rosy


And –

in love,

by love,

through love –

a world recovered

from its


— C.Birde, 6/20

Undreamed — A Poem

“Undreamed” — C.Birde, 6/20

O, wanderer. Lost in honeysuckled dream vined sweetly ‘round wrists, half truths hard thumbed against eyelids, shadows lodged in thy white throat, & tongue embittered. Complicity of sleep & dreaming. Abrupt awakening to a world never gentler than it is or was or will be. Wings plucked & fallen. Heart bruised. Soul starved. Arrive at last, in full embrace.

Cracked open.

— C.Birde, 6/20

From That Separating Space — A Poem

“Edges” — C.Birde, 6/20

Stir darkness,

scatter light.

From shadows’

flutter and flux,

pluck the edges’


those separating

places between


gray and


At long last,

margins unearthed,

laid bare, and


From that space,

call my name.

From that space,

we will sing

an expectant


— C.Birde, 6/20

And Yet… — A Poem


“Chimes” — C.Birde, 4/20


And yet,

and yet…

in spite of all,

of everything…


The world outside —



wakening in bud

and bloom,

in slow greening.



with birdsong;


in glorious yellows,

in floral


All the world,

a gift,

taking time

to breathe,





— C.Birde, 4/20