Dissolve — A Poem

“Catalpa” — C.Birde, 7/20

Step through

this weight of air

heavy with rain unshed

that beads along

the fine hairs of

arms and lashes.

Slowly, enveloped.


Skin kissed with

atmospheric breath.

The barriers dissolve.

We are


— C.Birde, 7/20

The Four Sisters — An Image & A Poem

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“The Four Sisters” — C.Birde, 10/21/15

The Four Sisters twine limbs

against the elemental sky

and weave roots

to part Earth

with slow and steady certainty.

They hold the memory of years,

of an age,

in their woody flesh,

girdled within their torsos

in concentric rings.

They do not complain,

nor pass judgment,

nor beg favor

as I pass between their knees,

beneath their shadow lattice.

Yet always,

they return my greeting in

their rustling,

multi-leafed chorus.


Summer Song — A Poem

Wreath my hair in butterflies,

let wildflowers garland my throat,

weave green-gold grasses

about my wrists,

and place birdsong

in my heart.

Read to me the Moonbeam tome,

let fireflies light my path,

recite to me in crickets’ chant,

and stitch starlight

as my wrap.

For my tongue tastes of switch grass

and falling leaves,

my foxfire smile has dimmed —

I watch the days so lightly pass,

and hear Autumn

in Summer’s breeze.


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“Summer Butterflies” — C.Birde

Sky Blue Sky — A Truth

The color of truth and loyalty,

of music and despair,

of cool shadow and faded jeans.

The color of periwinkles and forget-me-nots,

of jays and buntings,

of whales and damselflies.

The color of my mother’s eyes.

The color of topaz and tourmalines,

of the trapped hearts of glaciers,

of the birdbath beneath the maple.

The color of ink and smoke,

of Persians and water,

of the singular month’s twice full moon.

The color of this morning’s uninterrupted

Summer sky stretched overhead

like a promise.


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“Sky Blue Sky” — C.Birde