March — A Poem




“Maple Snow” — C.Birde, 2017

March –



Caught betwixt

winter and spring,

hurling crocuses one day,

storm-born snow the next.

A month at odds

with itself,

conquest and

new growth

folded into

its very



— C.Birde, 3/17


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.28.18 AM

“Crocus” — C.Birde, 2016


Heat — A Poem


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“Sequined” — C.Birde, 8/16


I wear the heat like fatigue —

a pearled and sequined sheath

that restricts breath and movement,

quells thought,

and drains

creative impulse




— C.Birde, 8/16





Summer’s Night — A Poem




“Summer Night” — C.Birde, 7/16


Long has Orion

slipped below the horizon.

The dog stars run loose

over the vast dark sky.

Crickets strum

barbed legs in song.

And I lie awake,


the heat-washed nights

of Summer.

— C.Birde, 7/16





Aeolian Harvest — A Poem

Broken Maple.jpg

“Broken Maple” — C.Birde, 4/16

An unkindness of wind —

no gentle breeze,

nor exiting lamb,

but a sundering;

A dispassionate tearing

that strips bud and blossom

and exposes the maple’s

soft and aging heart.

I cannot sleep

for the arboreal cries it exacts,

for its moan among

the pine’s fringed and lashing limbs,

for its persistence upon

the window’s too-thin panes.

It wants entry.

It has torn through

one-hundred years of wood

and would add a bone —

or several dozen —

to its discards.

–C.Birde, 4/16

lost limb.jpg

“Lost Limb” — C.Birde, 4/16