Breaking Chocolate — A Dream

I dreamed I stood with my back to Autumn on the eve of Winter, and though I called out, I could not be certain my voice would carry over the noise and clamor of shortening days and encroaching dark.

Despite the graying cold, we threw open the doors, and the house filled with warmth. Cheer and laughter and conversation wove a skein, each thread a shining filament kindled in our hearts that lightly bound us all. We broke chocolate together, and ate sweet-tart kumquats, and swallowed crimson pomegranate seeds. We sipped effervescence and lit the evening with a pale, warm glow that warded darkness.

Scattered about, I found unexpected tokens — owls of wisdom; a likeness in powdery charcoals; tiny cakes; words and raven linked by slim chain; a soft beam of sunlight; edible spells bound in paper; and a tiny, shining, golden dragon.

We parted with smiles and embraces; but the warmth — now fed and strengthened — remained. A dream come true.



“Pomegranates” — C.Birde, 12/15


2 thoughts on “Breaking Chocolate — A Dream

  1. I am so happy to have been present for your birthday celebration! I enjoy your writings so much and what a pleasure for me to have witnessed most of what your writings describe. I am also honored that you included “a likeness in powdery charcoals” and that it found a nice home!


    • Thank you Colleen — it was a wonderful day, and I’m happy you could be a part of it! I don’t know about you, but I can get a little…annoyed, let’s say, that my birthday has a tradition of being eclipsed by a certain other Holiday in close proximity! 🙂


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