Witness — A Poem

Hawk and Sparrow —

along the fallow edge they flew,

with wings and talons slicing

that perimeter unseen.

A dance of opposition —

capture and escape;

Unison of hearts intent

and beating.

Flash of yellow,

thrust of taloned legs —

Sparrow cries alarm.

Wings meshing,

beating earth and air.

Confusion of color —

ivory, woodland rusts and browns.

But Hawk cannot extract his prize,

cannot pull it under, out, and up

and lift away in flight.

Release is unexpected —

talons unclutch and liberate;

Sparrow streaks to ruffled safety

within the bristle of nearby hedge.

Beyond separating glass —

among fenced and netted stones

of slumbering, tongueless garden —

Nature’s urgent tug and pull


and I am Witness.

— C.Birde


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“Hawk’s Calling Card” — C.Birde, 1/16







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