Parley — A Dream

A pencil sketch portrait of a anamorphic Wyvern.
“Wyvern” — C.Birde, 4/22

When deep underground

in vast subterranean caverns

that drip with moisture &

winged shadow & echoes

of past, present, &

oh-so-uncertain futures –

do not attempt to parley

with Wyverns;

Nostrils seeping brimstone,

they will sit quietly grinning

across the conference table’s

great gleaming length of wood

& agree to every- & anything

that creates a sense of ease…

All to their own strategic


An exercise,

for you,

in utter


— CBirde, 4/22

One thought on “Parley — A Dream

  1. Wickedly poetic (though I find myself questioning some word/punctuation choices, throughout). I can picture this dank meeting room with a cunning dragon-man sitting across from (me/you/us). A “sus” contract divides the prey from the predator. I refuse to sign unless threatened beyond self-control.

    Now, I wonder what prompted such a dream…some crucial decision and your reluctance to face the outcomes?


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